Kusadasi and History

As well as the ancient cities surrounding Kuşadası, it is an important coastal city in it's own right and has it's own historical structures.You can truly walk in the footsteps of history when you visit it's historical buildings, shop in traditional bazaars and enjoy the peace, tranquillity and ancient craftsmanship on view at it's splendid mosques.

Located just 70 kilometers south of İzmir, the Ancient City of Ephesus adjoins the Cayster River delta.It's believed that the history of this ancient city goes back as far as 5000BC thanks to the unearthing of many ancient pices at the site, confirming it's archeological heritage.The most important sights are the Amphitheatre,Library of Selcus,Temple of Artemis,Hillside Houses and the Odeon.It is also believed that Mother Mary (Virgin Mary) visited Ephesus.You can visit Ephesus between 08:30 a.m. and 7:00 pm every day.There are plenty of good quality souvenir shops located at both entrances to the site so you can pick up a reminder of your visit to this lovely and very ancient site.Minibus services are available between Ephesus (Selçuk) and Kuşadası or you can have a door-to-door trip in a taxi and tailor the times of the trip to suit your holiday.
Port and Marina

Kuşadası Gulf widens towards the South towards the beaches and gulfs of the Aegean. Kuşadası Gulf always has ships, yachts and cruise ships passing through.Historical places,natural beauties,old fashioned narrow streets for shopping, the temperate climate and the cultural acilities contribute to the vivacity of this cosmopolitan city. Kuşadası Gulf is also very appropriate for swimming,and both diving and skin-diving with its unique beaches, clean water and secluded bays.On the route marvellous hotels,tea gardens and fish restaurants are awaiting you between the view of mountains and crystal sea water.

Kuşadası port is one of the most important components of local tourism.It is serviced by two wharves respectively 264 and 255 meters long and has the capacity of ship acceptance of 2400 ships per year.The port serves Cruise ships and other boats.The arrival of these ships is an indispensable part of Kusadasi's tourism as the ships bring day trippers, and creates a most important share to the economical activities in the county.

Kuşadası is defined as a 'Paradise of shopping' please be asssured that this is not an exaggeration.You can find a range of good quality souvenirs including leather products, from a choice of over four thousand shops.
Kuşadası port is an important stop of for the Cruise ships and has it's own well appointed shopping centre.

Kuşadası is an ideal holiday destination and offers seafood and other restaurants,cafes,parks and marvellous beaches.Shopping is a famous qualification of this area with it's hand tooled leather products,fabulous jewellery and collectible carpets. Kuşadası bazaar ,Ladies Beach and the bars, nightclubs and restaurants around the marina provide a colourful ambiance.